Izukyu Corporation TEL.0557-53-1116 https://www.izukyu.co.jp/
IZUHAKONE Railway Co.,LTD. TEL.055-977-1207 http://www.izuhakone.co.jp/
Suruga Bay Ferry TEL.054-340-5223 https://www.223-ferry.or.jp/
Tokai Bus, Inc. TEL.0557-36-1112 https://www.tokaibus.jp/
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Sales Period /
Throughout the year
Expiry    /

Three days from the start of the use.
※However, Suruga Bay Ferry will not be in service for approximately 10 days around mid January for periodic checking. Neither will the pass be used nor sold.
Sales Offices/

Ferry Landing at the Shimizuko, Tokai Bus Ito Station Office,
Tokai Bus Shuzenji Station Office (Closed on Tuesdays),
Travel Agency
 coupons  /

JTB Group, Nippon Travel Agency, Meitetsu World Travel, KNT, Nokyo Tourist, 
TOBU TOP TOURS, ANA Sales, JR Tokai Tours,
※Coupons sold at the above travel agencies need to be exchanged with official Izu Dream Passes at the Sales Office.
Use Period /

Throughout the year













You can only use your pass once as a one-way ticket between Ito Station and Kawazu Station in either direction.
 You may get off buses/trains anywhere with in the pass's area of validity.
●An additional fee applies if you take a limited express train on the specified route.


●During your pass’s period of validity, you can take Tokai buses (including limited express and express buses) an unlimited number of times between Kawazu
 Station and Shuzenji Station , and between Shuzenji Station and Toi Port. However, you cannot use your pass on regular sightseeing buses or tour buses.
●You cannot use your pass on buses between Ito Station and Kawazu Station.


You can only use your Izu Dream Pass for a single one-way trip between Shimizu Port and Toi Port.
●A free shuttle bus that is synchronized with the ferry timetable runs between JR Shimizu Station and Shimizu Port.
●If you wish to make a return journey by ferry, you can get a 50% discount on the standard ticket price by presenting your Izu Dream Pass at the ticket window.

●If you use your Izu Dream Pass to get on a train, bus or ferry at a location that is on the specified route but then get off at a location that is not on the specified
 route, you are required to pay the difference when you get off.
●The service may reduce and suspend in some cases even if the routes are designated.To get the latest information, please check each companies’ website.